Universities Urging Students to Approach Gap Years with Safety

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With what has been an arduous academic year for many nearing its business end, an intriguing summer awaits millions of students across the globe. For those here in the UK, the choice many school leavers may be a gap year; or you may even be studying a course that allows you to go globetrotting. This is a fantastic opportunity for students across the country, but there are some important factors for youngsters to bear in mind before and of course, during your travels.

As such, colleges, school, Universities and gap year providers are urging anyone embarking on this exciting period, to just take some time over the summer to ensure they are doing their travelling in the prudent manner. Although this may seem like obvious advice, many travellers – especially the young ones amongst you – rush into their expeditions heads first and can end up in a spot of bother.


From financial worries, faulty equipment, the wrong travel literature and even ending up at the wrong destination; there is a myriad of things that can go wrong when globetrotting. Just a little bit of prior planning and investment can ensure that your gap year, doesn’t end up being the journey from hell. There are also a number of services out there who offer comprehensive travel clinics, these can be of paramount importance, especially if you are off to one of our great planet’s more obscure destinations.

Perhaps the biggest piece of advice offered from travel specialists nomadtravel.co.uk, is for budding travellers to speak to someone who has gone on such a journey themselves before, and get some advice. Every part of the world has its own charms and challenges, but with them come dangers. These can be easily negotiated through the use of the right local knowledge and of course, equipment and clothing. Again, this may seem like obvious advice but there are always instances of young travellers end up the proverbial creek with no paddle, purely because they are ill equipped. Do your research and make sure you have everything you need and you will have the time of your life – fail to do so, and you could end up in a somewhat compromising situation.

Carpe Diem

As well as sites like Nomad Travel and your own school or University’s careers guidance, the internet is obviously a fantastic resource. There will be all sorts of forums and sites for young travellers, so do your homework and ultimately; make sure you have the time of your life!

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