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It might seem a long way off right now but maybe you should get your post-exam summertime planned now to cheer you up as the freezing weather draws in. Young Academic can bring you the latest idea from Club 18-30…


Gap year travel – How to stay safe and avoid those possible dangers

With many young people in the UK choosing to take a gap year, mainly due to the lack of job opportunities or university places available this year, it is important that they prepare themselves appropriately for the adventure ahead. Worryingly, some reports suggest that gap year insurance claims have risen over the past six months and that some people are still not taking out adequate insurance in the first place.


‘Mind the Gap’ as students take a year out

Sales of backpacker insurance were more than eight times higher in August than during the same month last year as frustration over university places prompted potential students to take a year out, new figures from Virgin Money Travel Insurance show.

Gap Year Interview with Rob Murray-Jones

If a gap year of globe-trotting is something you are seriously contemplating, The Daily Telegraph Adventure Travel Show could also be of interest.


Young Academic Guide to Your Gap Year 2010/11

So, it’s another academic year and that means that thousands of students nationwide are considering their gap year. With a big wide world out there and hundreds of countries to consider, all offering different things, it can be a bit of a minefield. Take some time to read the ‘Young Academic guide to your Gap Year’ for 2010/11.


Paris – Cool Culture & Cuisine

When you think of Paris, I imagine you think of romantic walks on the Seine or freezing your ‘proverbials’ off going up the Eiffel Tower. I certainly did, but as I discovered, the ‘City of Love’ has so much more to offer – especially to those on a tight budget.