Gap Year Interview with Rob Murray-Jones

Charles Whitworth hooked up with renowned traveller and Trek Force Worldwide ambassador Rob Murray-Jones to find out how to get the best out of your travelling experience.

Rob Murray-Jones cut a stressed figure as we spoke, he told me of his own preparations as he prepares to raise money to increase awareness of global warming by crossing the largest rainforest on the globe.

However he was still keen to give the best advice to potential travellers; “Really try and have an adventure, go for the rainforests or stay with farmers – there is no point going to a country to stay in hotels and sit in bars. See a bit of the world”

“Get yourself over to the independent travel companies, tour operators and equipment manufacturers, they charge the lowest prices if your still a bit broke and the quality is just as good” said the trekker as he prepares for hid own expedition across the Amazon.

During our short interview, Murray-Jones was keen to hit home the importance of intricate preparation; “You should really do your research in to the company you are going to use, do they actually offer the deal you are looking for? You may want to go off the beaten track if you are going to Australia, for example. If you have been a student for three years – I doubt you just want a year on the piss!” he continued.

“Look at fundraising as well, if you are looking to go somewhere quite exotic or faraway – you could always try to raise the funds through sponsorship – you could even end up raising money for charity,”  said the 32-year-old family man who has been to over 50 countries in his impressive career.

Our interview was cut short as he was required at a question and answers session before he embarked on his own trip of a lifetime but his message was simple – if you are contemplating a gap year then really grab the bull by the horns and do it properly.

If you are considering a gap year, consider your options carefully and try sites such as, these companies will assess your individual circumstance and plan you the trip you require.

If a gap year of globe-trotting is something you are seriously contemplating, The Daily Telegraph Adventure Travel Show could also be of interest.

With a new central London location at the Business Design Centre in Islington between 25 and 27 January 2008, the show plays host to hundreds of leading and independent travel companies, tour operators and equipment manufacturers.

The show has been successfully running for over a decade, providing both experienced and novice explorers with the practical advice they need to plan their trip.

There are over 100 free talks including expert knowledge about the most remote and exotic locations, travel tips from those who really know as well as a handful of celebrity appearances.

Richard Madden, Adventure Travel Editor at The Daily Telegraph will be kicking off the proceedings covering everything from planning an adventure to going it alone. Budding travel writers will also be able to get advice from the best in the business.

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