Embarking On a Photography Degree This Autumn?

photography degree
If you are embarking on a photography degree this forthcoming academic year, there may well be many questions rattling round your head as you prepare to take the leap into higher education. Young Academic takes a look at some of the key parts of this BA (Hons) course and offers a few little tips.

A photography degree most usually comes as a combined course called Photography and Video BA (Hons) and will have required you to show a certain amount of prowess behind lenses of different kinds; although by this point that will all be well and truly boxed off and you will be getting ready to get going, wherever it is you are studying.

Innovative Degree…

This course is fairly new as degrees go and is certainly not one of the classic degrees, but in today’s world of media, it could well open a lot of doors for your career. In fact, studying Photography and Video at BA level provides a unique chance for you to learn a plethora of skills across both moving and still image media.

For example, the Photography and Video BA (Hons) at De Montfort University in Leicester, allows you to do just that as well as develop your way of thinking.  Of course, using the equipment is just half the battle as you need to learn how to be creative, produce briefs, use the lab/darkroom as well as all sorts of other skills that the modern photographer is required to have.

Pick The Best Gear…

Then there is the all-important equipment to think about. Which camera should a 21st century photography student buy and trust for the next three academic years. As with many things these days, there are so many brands and models available to you it really can be a minefield. You could take a look at Clifton Camera’s selection of Nikon cameras, or perhaps a Fujifilm is more down your street? All of these brands and models have their own strengths and weaknesses. This is an important decision, but as a budding photographer you will no doubt have you favourites.

If you need guidance when it comes to deciding upon this equipment, you can get in touch with your course leader or even pop into your local camera shop on the high street for some advice, but beware of the hard sell!

As the next academic campaign approaches, Young Academic will be publishing a range of quick course guides for your perusal. If you need one in particular or even have your own article you would like to see published, don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] or @youngacademic.

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