Course Profile: BSc (Hons) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

aircraft maintenance
With courses around the UK currently in clearing, we thought it best to get another Young Academic Course Profile online for you guys. With many resources out there for the more traditional courses such as English and Sports Science, we have decided to go for another niche one today and bring you the lowdown on a BSc in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

This degree is available at a myriad of institutions across the UK, ranging from the University of South Wales to London’s Kingston University; and will obviously be of great interest to any students wanting to get into the aviation industry or who has a background in engineering. Aircraft hangars are always on the outlook for new and highly trained staff, making this sector pretty exciting.

What Does This Degree Entail

The BSc (Hons) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering degree, which is often referred to as just Aircraft Maintenance for ease, is often a balance of practical and theory training. Succesful graduates will usually receive a full license so they can get to work in the industry and also end up with a fully certified engineering qualification. With engineers often at a premium in the UK, especially in such a specific and focussed area, that could make this programme very sought after indeed.

Internationally Acclaimed

This aircraft maintenance course is acclaimed around Europe and actually recognised by European Aviation Law, meaning that firms of the ilk of Rubb and Mott MacDonald would find it very hard indeed not to consider graduates who hold this degree; provided you pass with a good grade of course. Students will also receive actual experience in the air, with some institutions working the EASA Part-66 qualification into the degree; which adds a lot of prestige to your aviation CV.

EASA training usually takes around 5 years to complete, but with the University of South Wales in particular, adding this to their course, this can save a lot of time for individuals wanting to get into the sector as quickly as possible. This has been made possible by the University’s exclusive collaboration with British Airways.

So, for anyone with a thirst for engineering and the skies, this degree course could be absolutely perfect. If you want to learn more about a BSc (Hons) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, then as always you can refer to UCAS or Universities directly. In the meantime, why not take a look around the rest of the Young Academic site for more advice on accommodation, courses and student lifestyle?

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