How To Keep Stress At Bay When Revising

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Beat Stress and Pass Your Exams

The exam period is a testing time for any student as the pressure to stay focused and succeed increase as the days go by. The stress that students encounter during these weeks is inevitable, yet there are methods by which it can be limited and at times, relieved.

Here are a few simple steps to taking the pressure off during your exam period.

Be Organised

A major factor in the build up of stress comes from the inability to be able to study proficiently and the feeling that you do not have enough remaining time to time to prepare. Both of these issues can be helped by having a plan in the weeks, days or even hours building up to an exam. Proper preparation and progress happen through simple yet thorough steps being made each day.

Stay Positive

It is not uncommon for students preparing for exams to begin thinking the worst as potential negative outcomes flood the imagination. It’s important that at this time you don’t lose perspective and are reassured that exam results are not a matter of life and death and that every outcome is redeemable in the long term.

Have Some Fun Time

Throughout your studies it’s really important that you give yourself time to relax and enjoy life as burning out before your exams is a common issue for students.  You will find your work much more appealing and essentially, more rewarding, if you limit how much you do to small amounts, regularly over a sustained period.


The benefits of exercise are plentiful at any time of year but particularly during the busy exam period. Aside from being a great distraction from stressful thoughts they allow the body to regulate stress hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol and release endorphins which will help to give you a more positive outlook. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and try to make it a social and outdoors activity – these will also help with your stress levels.

Short periods of stress can be a good thing

Just as fear can bring the mind and body in to focus so too can a small amount of stress.  It heightens your senses and improves your ability to carry out cognitive tasks. Think of it as your body going in to survival mode. If you can manage these emotions efficiently they can be a great aid for achieving goals that may seem beyond you.

Avoid stimulants

High stress levels and stimulants do not mix! The last problem that a student needs during their exam periods is sleepless nights and health issues.  Being well rested, focused, calm and rational are essential at this time and stimulants are a sure fire way to knock you off track. Avoid late night binges on coffee, red bull, sugar, and salt as much as possible.


From days off spending time with family and friends to taking a long bath at the end of a hard days study rewarding yourself in small doses is key to maintaining your focus over the exam period. Again, this is something that needs to be managed with great care, as an over indulgence can knock your plan off track.

Getting the better off exam stress is about remaining calm and executing a well organised plan over a prolonged period. Try to stick with your schedule, and if you get knocked off track don’t beat yourself up, just try to get back on track as soon as you can.

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