Five Jobs You Can Pursue With a Psychology Degree

In today’s competitive market, a psychology degree could be the standout qualification to a dream job as it offers a wide range of skills and attributes attractive to an employer.  It’s a subject which links science and humanities, giving the student a wide option of careers after graduation.

Psychology graduates have a wide range of skills which are potentially transferable to entry level in the jobs market; in retail, businessand education and of course the traditional health service.

Today’s psychologist is no longer the stereotypical individual with the “cold” manner; the modern psychologist is a massive asset to many organisations and businesses. The Southampton Solent University Psychology Degree  is only just the beginning of a satisfying career path.


Understanding human behaviour in a consumer market is really important and makes a key difference in sales. Psychology in the shops and supermarkets goes a long way to determining why we make particular purchases, from anything to  music  to the special offers making us feel we’ve done well financially. There are many ways to persuade us to part with our money. Understanding what makes people choose one brand over another is valuable insight for retailers.


Many people seek counselling at some stage in their lives and a life coach or counsellor is certainly one career option for the psychology graduate.  From bereavement counselling to family therapy to marriage guidance, the choice is wide and as no two people are the same, everyday will be varied and interesting.

Sports Psychologist

For the elite sportsmen and women, a sports psychologist could mean the difference between coming first and second. Even though this is a highly competitive field, there are openings, and a great way to get a foot in the door is through work experience. Psychologists advise on sports motivation, team work and beliefs.

Educational Psychologist

Schools and universities generally employ psychologists to assist and guide students and parents. Pupils may require analysis for behaviour issues, or for those struggling with exams. Providing learning support is a key area for educational psychologists.

Human Resources

In complex organisations the highly skilled HR professional may well have a psychology degree. There’s much in the subject  to help create the best talent for an organisation– fostering motivation, seeking out those with leadership skills, discovering the interpersonal skill stars and finally, just making sure that the selection of personnel is the best.

If choice is what you’re after, psychology gives you that option, with the bonus that no two days will be the same.

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