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print production
As our regular readers here at Young Academic will already know, we are looking to cover some of the weirder and more wonderful courses this summer, through our selection of comprehensive course guides.

With a myriad of information available from UCAS and individual colleges and Universities about the mainstream courses, we realised that there wasn’t a great deal available about the more niche subjects. With this in mind, today’s Young Academic Course Guide is about Print Production.

Course Background

The last decade or so has seen software such as Adobe Photoshop and the like become hugely accessible and usable. The result of this has been incredibly high standards of graphics and publishing, even for those at home let alone magazines and newspapers. This surge in quality and demand has meant that standards of printing and publication has risen also, with the consumer demanding a faultless product every time. This has made courses and degrees in Print Production all the more popular and interesting.

In order to be suitable for such a course, it is recommended that students have a passion for, or experience in;

  • Printing Methods
  • Typography
  • Offset Print Presses
  • Digital Page Layout
  • Colour Theory


In addition to the above, many academic institutions will be looking for pupils who demonstrate a good eye for detail. Upon graduation print solution firms such as United Carlton who specialise in such print disciplines will be looking for students who have trained themselves in art related subjects as well as having great computer skills as the two now go hand in hand in this industry.

Print Production is most certainly a course that could open many doors due to the aforementioned training in a wide range of skills from the technological to traditional printing tasks which have been used for hundreds of years; many of these remain to this day.

If you have found yourself to enjoy desktop publishing, journalism and media and in particular, the physical creation of documents, then this course is probably just right for you. If you are still at college or sixth form then your careers advisor will be able to give you more information; or you could even get more information from the UCAS website.

If there is a course guide we have missed at Young Academic this summer, then we want to know about it. If you would like to submit your own or request a guide, then all you need to do is drop us an e-mail at [email protected]

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