Some Strong Reasons to Hire Academic Writers

Academic writing is a challenging process that requires attention, experience, knowledge and even some luck with topics, professors, etc. Unfortunately, you can’t count only on your own efforts sometimes. You …

Taking Your First Steps Into Animation


With animated content being thrown onto virtually any digital platform available nowadays more and more people are interested in getting a foot into the door. Web, games, film, TV shows: …

Course Profile: B.Sc In Print Production Training

print production

As our regular readers here at Young Academic will already know, we are looking to cover some of the weirder and more wonderful courses this summer, through our selection of comprehensive course guides.

Course Profile: B.Sc In Industrial Technology

industrial technology

Our quest to bring you the best course guides available online in the UK has really gathered momentum this week and today we can bring you all you need to know about another emerging sector, that of industrial technology.

Course Profile: B.Sc in Hydraulic, Water and Environmental Engineering

B.Sc in Hydraulic, Water and Environmental Engineering

As promised, today marks the start of a series of summer course guides from Young Academic. With the academic year now firmly closed and thousands of students across the country either going through clearing or pondering their options for next year, we thought it prudent to give you guys the lowdown on some of the great courses available.

How To Keep Stress At Bay When Revising

student stress

The weeks building up to an exam period can become stressful yet there are methods by which you can limit or even utilise your emotions for success.

Five Jobs You Can Pursue With a Psychology Degree


In today’s competitive market, a psychology degree could be the standout qualification to a dream jobas it offers a wide range of skills and attributes attractive to an employer. It’s a subject which links science and humanities, giving the student a wide option of careers after graduation.