How You Can Get Into The Accountancy Industry

accountancy for students
Getting into the accountancy industry can be tough – it’s a crowded marketplace, and there are likely to be many applicants applying for the same roles. To stand out and secure a role in accountancy, you need to study hard and undertake work placements to show employers that you have the skills and determination to succeed.

However, university isn’t the only way to land a job in accountancy. Below, we’ve rounded up some useful tips to help you get into the industry.

Get The Right Qualifications

There are various training courses available to help you develop the knowledge and skills needed for a job in accountancy. For example, the AAT certificate in bookkeeping offers basic accounting and finance skills and incorporates different levels, with Levels 3 and 4 taking your learning to more advanced levels that will impress employers more than if you had completed the standard qualification alone.

In addition, the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) accreditation reflects the advanced training experience provided by such a course. It is an ideal course for those who have A Levels in relevant Business and Mathematics courses, or for those who have already completed the AAT course. To gain the qualification, three years of experience is required, giving you a chance to enter the real world and work with companies that could offer you a job at the end of your course.

Getting Experience In The Industry

Making sure you have the right qualifications needed to be an accountant is, of course, an essential part of the equation, but it won’t automatically land you your dream job. After receiving your qualifications, taking part in placements, internships or work experience opportunities will help you get the practical experience and skill set you need to be able to succeed as an accountant. According to figures released by the government, 42% of students are offered a job at the end of a work experience, so it pays to stick at it and impress those around you.

Be Patient!

Because of how competitive the industry is, getting your first accountancy role may take time, so work hard and keep looking for opportunities as you go, this makes for a really good habit for students to practice. Be sure to apply for every relevant role, keep an up-to-date CV and ask for feedback during interviews where you were unsuccessful to see what else you can do to improve. By staying positive, keeping motivated and working hard in work placements or other jobs, you can eventually land your ideal role in an accountancy firm.

Enter a Related Field of Work

Accountancy is an incredibly competitive job market, and so a great way to break into it is to gain experience in a field closely related to accountancy, such as administration. Although likely to be a junior position with a lower salary, an admin role can help you to gain professional experience working with financial information, while roles in marketing or sales can familiarise you with the hitting of financial targets.

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