Camera Lens vs. The Eye 1

Camera Lens Vs The Eye: Infographic

You may well have seen our article earlier in the summer, in which we discussed the merits of studying a photography course this academic year. Our focus is back on photography again this week with another great infographic from our friends at Clifton Cameras.

As any regular readers here at Young Academic will know, we love graphics like these, especially when they help to promote some of the most popular university courses from around the country.

Take a good look through this and remember to share the love using the button on the left of your screen:


Camera Lens vs. The Eye 1


If you need guidance when it comes to your photography course this academic year, you can get in touch with your course leader or even pop into your local camera shop on the high street for some advice, but beware of the hard sell! In the meantime, peruse this infographic and be sure to share it with your course mates or even your photography lecturer.

As the next academic campaign starts to gather momentum, Young Academic will be publishing a range of quick course guides for your perusal. If you need one in particular or even have your own article you would like to see published, don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] or @youngacademic.

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