UK Universities Leading the Eco Charge Via Printing & Photocopying

It is news to no-one that we live in an age dominated by eco drives, worries over global warming and concerns over carbon footprint. However, many Universities are waking up to the fact that they hold the key to driving such issues for future generations.

One such way that academic institutions, especially those in the south of the country is through better systems for photocopying and printing. Apart from the obvious use of power and energy, excessive consumption of paper and ink, and the irresponsible disposal of scrap paper, can be one of the biggest drains on resources. Thankfully, there are procedures in place to combat this and help to push the eco drive being implemented by many Universities across the country.

Print & Copy

Print and Copy services have been pushed out by institutions, which have also resulted in students being able to print their work with far greater ease and often completely free of charge. These systems include modern precision printing devices and their more archaic counterparts and have proven to provide a far more flexible and modern way for students to get their work onto paper.

Easy Printing

In addition to this, such systems even allow pupils to print their work from devices such as USB flash drives as well as their desktops, laptops, tablets and even their mobile devices. The combination of the aforementioned advantages for the environment and the ease with which individuals can print their work have made print and copy schemes all the more important and have been emulated by other educational organisations all around the United Kingdom.

With the future of the planet at the forefront of many people’s agenda and the growing financial constraints being experienced by students at all Universities, many are applauding such projects and looking at ways they can implement similar schemes at their organisations. Indeed, systems such as these are not just reserved for Universities and colleges; they can be put into place at offices and many other places of work and even the home.

Which University?

Young Academic will be running a series of guides on how you can be conscientious at university and college as the 2015/16 campaign edges ever nearer. If you are still having problems deciding on what University to go to next year, why not read our great feature we created in collaboration with the University of South Wales?


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