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Rachel Deer is a recent graduate of the University of Chester gaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and Sociology. She is now working with Young Academic and responsible for a range of editorial tasks including collating press releases, chasing images and organising interviews. Her interests include photography, music, fashion and current affairs. Keep up-to-date with Rachel’s work via the website and follow her tweets at @rachdotdeer or connect with her on Google+

Warehouse Project

Caribou, Joy Orbison & Moodymann Contribute to Classic Warehouse Weekend


Young Academic has had its fair share of Warehouse Project events but with the club night returning to its spiritual home and the promise of a night curated by Kieran Hebden, this one we were excited for. Helped out of course by the heavyweight line-up, Caribou and Four Tet no less, we queued as excitement bubbled through the crowds. The arches of Store Street were a welcomed throwback, far from the previous venue in Trafford Park.

Lifestyle Is Tumblr Killing Personal Style? - These Stylish Streets

What Effect is Tumblr Having on Personal Style?


This week, Rachel, our student fashion editor and writer of blog These Stylish Streets, questioned where Tumblr sits within the world of fashion and discusses the effects it is having on personal style. Are the advances in social media and a blogger’s thirst for recognition in fact killing style?

Festival Guide parklife header young academic

Parklife Festival Bids Farewell to Platts Field Park with Style Despite the Rain


2012 was always going to be an odd summer for festivals. With the Olympics stealing much of the limelight (and the portaloos apparently) and a big void left by the absence of the world biggest and best festival in Glastonbury, we weren’t really sure what to expect this party season. Luckily for all involved, Parklife Festival has continued its trend of improving dramatically year on year since its inception and served up a real treat once again.

Lifestyle student fashion

Jessica Minh Anh to Make History with World’s Highest Fashion Show


In October of last year, Jessica Minh Anh made history in the fashion world after she hosted a fashion runway show on London’s Tower Bridge. 44 metres above the Thames, models and designers gathered for the J Autumn fashion show. On 19th March, the global fashion show organiser will host yet another fashion phenomenon, this time in Malaysia.

Lifestyle education news

Pinterest Proves it’s Worth as New Social Media Platform


Pinterest might be two years old but it’s not until now that it’s name has become renowned in the world of social media. The site’s popularity is quickly growing but there is still a lot of confusion on what the site is actually about. One thing is for certain, it is now a top five referrer for many retailers.

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