Author Harry Whitworth

Harry is a writer for Young Academic publications and is currently studying for an English Literature degree at Liverpool Hope University. He thrives when writing and seems to enjoy nothing more. His main interests are in the area of Football, Rugby and Cricket as well as ensuring students are receiving relevant and truthful information on stories that concern them the most.

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Arsenal Are Chelsea’s Biggest Threat


It’s become common practice in the past month or so to assume, more or less, that the Premier League race has already ended. The EPL standings currently show Chelsea with only a five-point lead on second place Manchester City (and a nine-point edge over Arsenal).

Gap Years

Top Tips for a Budget Ski Holiday


Let’s be honest, skiing can be a slippery slope for your budget. Travel costs, accommodation, equipment hire and lift passes can set you back a pretty penny before you even catch a glimpse of the slopes. But don’t worry! We have some tips for you to cut down the costs, without cutting down on the fun.

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Graduates Succeed With Entrepreneurial Skills


Young Academic prides itself on giving students up-to-date and relevant news. Now students can read how other students after graduating have struggled to find work but when they have been audacious and starting their own firms they have seen the rewards. Harry Whitworth brings you the first in a series of comprehensive career guides and case studies.


Winter Festival Comes to London to Promote Cultural Diversity


As a primary student portal, Young Academic brings news on the culturally diverse events that will be taking place in London from November the 18th to January the 11th 2012. London will be teaming with exciting events and Young Academic prides itself on providing you with the details of these events.


Will Peter Roebuck Be Remembered For All The Wrong Reasons?


As a major student news site, Young Academic acknowledges the great work of Peter Roebuck and assesses the controversies that seemed to surround him constantly. He was no doubt a cricketing genius but it seems he was a troubled man and in this article I pay respect to a great man regardless of his illicit actions.

Education News UCAS - Beth Hayes and John Madden

UCAS Social Media Team Victorious at Recent Awards


As the UK’s dominant student portal, Young Academic reports on how UCAS, as an institution are progressing more and more year by year. UCAS has been awarded a customer service award which will surely only fill future students with faith in the service that they provide.