Student News: Great competition for budding artists and designers

Young Academic has a fantastic competition for you today, brought to you from proud British company – Stoves. If you are a keen designer or artist and think you could put forward the best logo to symbolise truly British products then you should definitely read on…

Young Academic Funnies: Woman falls into fountain whilst texting!

A little bit of light relief for any of you snowed under with revision, coursework and dissertations at the moment. Young Academic has a hilarious video for you of a woman so engrossed in her text message that she falls right into a water fountain in the middle of a shopping mall!

Student News: Real Business Scheme for Enterprising Pupils

In a scheme that saw a multi-national company team up with the UK’s premier exam boards, students all across the country took part in a fantastic project in which they showcased their business skills. Young Academic outlines the ‘Real Business Challenge for Enterprising Students’ and examines which schools and colleges fared the best.


Student Entertainment News: Could you be the UK’s next top DJ?

It’s not just boring academic and educational news here at Young Academic! We also bring you everything you need to know about sport, entertainment and much, much more. This scheme from ‘The Hits Radio’ could well unearth the next Fatboy Slim or Deaadmau5…


Sports News: 29 year-old Macclesfield Town midfielder dies in his sleep

Perhaps the most tragic news that we have had to report at Young Academic as the death of 29 year-old Macclesfield Town midfielder Richard Butcher has been confirmed. In news that will rock the football league, Burton Albion’s match with Macclesfield Town today has been postponed out of respect. Much of the student news we have been reporting this week seems to have been put into perspective following this huge shock.


Student News: 500 Free NUS Extra Discount Cards Up For Grabs On Blue Monday

Getting a bit down with the prospect of more miserable weather, coursework, exams and dissertations? Well never fear as Young Academic is yet again on hand to raise your spirits. As the post Christmas blues set in, we have unearthed a great deal from the kind folk at NUS that will enable you to make some great savings. Remember to keep your eyes peeled at Young Academic next week as we have some great student news and competitions on the way!


Student Dating: Date radar iPhone app

Young Academic isn’t just concerned with education and academia, we are comitted to bringing you all the most relevant student news. This of course includes relationships and sexual health and with this in mind we have cool news of a wicked app for your iPhone.


Student News: Graduate employment on the rise

Young Academic has learnt that despite many reports to the contrary, graduates actually are becoming more and more employable. In fact, there has been a 40% increase in employment for students since 2008 and the start of the recession.